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Election Versus Selection

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Clearly one of the hottest topic and all eyes are on the Election of the country. We are now in the last phase and of course so many people with so many views and this Sunday, with exit polls the excitement is likely to take be taken to the next level. It has been indeed one of the very important events for the country and as it has been said the festival of democracy is going on. So, what is it that this election is being given so much of importance is being given from a stock market perspective?

  • Is it that 45 days of various phases – which is considered as one of the long periods of an election?
  • Is it that last 16 months has been so painful for the investors that the market is hunting for some strong reason for the bounce?
  • Country, after a long time, is looking for a stronger government in these challenging times?
  • Is it that Media has made it so large that its impacting everyone’s mind?
adminElection Versus Selection
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