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Keep monitoring
Buy and Hold? or Buy and Forget?

Let’s start with a famous saying “You Should Never Outsource Your Eyes”

We now produce an illustrative conversation between a client and a portfolio Manager:

Portfolio Manager: Our investment philosophy which says ‘Buy and Hold’, to further clarify the concept internally we think it should be ‘Buy and Forget’.

Client: So, once you are invested what you do?

Portfolio Manager: We search for other better option and we keep monitoring existing investments.

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Mindset to invest in equity
Want to make a quick buck? – Equity may not be the right place

Confused…..Let us explain

A group of people had together decided to put money in a single stock based on some so-called ‘hot tips’. They were assured that the stock price will double in few months. What an incredible and an easy way to make quick buck, isn’t it?

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Article in PMS & AIF Special Edition Magazine

We are witnessing a transition of investment from traditional assets to more financial assets. This trend has begun quite a long ago but the impetus has been more so in last few years on various steps on financial inclusion and awareness. There are still 126 lakh crores (June 30, 2019) lying in bank deposits which may find its way towards new avenues.

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Margin of Safety

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Is your buy price below the intrinsic value?

Margin Of Safety (MOS) can be defined as a principle of investing when the market price is significantly below the estimation of the intrinsic value. This difference allows an investment to be made with minimal downside risk. The term was popularized by Benjamin Graham (known as “the father of value investing”) and his followers, most notably Warren Buffett. 

adminMargin of Safety
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